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The applications listed below have been notified and/or advertised in accordance with the City of Sydney's 2005 development control plan (DCP), Notification of Planning and Development Applications. Each application is on exhibition at your nearest Neighbourhood Service Centre.

Unless otherwise stated, the development applications (DAs) are not designated development under schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Footway Usage applications

In areas where a DA and a Footway Usage Application (FA) are required for outdoor dining, only the DA is exhibited. In areas where a DA is not required, only the FA is exhibited.

Other authorities

Within certain City areas other authorities are responsible for determining development proposals. To view those applications see the relevant authorities website:

NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority


Notifications map

Click on the icons (DA Icon) to view notification details. To navigate, use the controls to the top left of the map.

DA Icon Application on Exhibition.  
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